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The best place for bargain shopping- Malta Markets!

If your one for getting a good bargain then you will love Malta’s wonderful markets! Almost every town or village has one at least once a week so there are plenty to get round! The markets sell all sorts, including groceries, souvenirs and household items.

As well as picking up some good bargains, the markets are also a great place to get a taste of traditional Maltese life as many locals spend a lot of time at the markets, picking up their groceries and catching up with their friends.

Although it would be possible to list all of the markets in Malta, we have picked out some of the bigger ones below;

Il-Monti, Valletta

This market takes place on a Sunday morning in Valletta and is the most popular market in Malta. It sells a good selection of everything!

Merchants Street Market, Valletta

There is also a daily market in Merchants Street in Valetta which is a great place to pick up some souvenirs!

Vittoriosa Market

Vittoriosa Market takes place every Tuesday and is in the beautiful Vittoriosa (Birgu) which is one of the three cities and definitely worth exploring in it’s own right. Whilst this does have some tourist items to buy it is is mainly for locals and so it is a great place to do some mingling!

Marsaxlokk Fish Market

Another Sunday market and as the name suggests its all about the fish! Here you will see a massive selection of just about every fish imaginable! The local restaurants get here early to snap up the best buys so make sure you don’t leave it too late! If you are self catering in Malta, this is a great place to come and pick up some fresh fish for your evening meal.

Remember, there are plenty of other markets in Malta so do some research before your trip if markets are your thing!

Marsaxlokk Fish Market Malta