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Exploring Malta: 5 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Malta

Thinking of your next holiday destination? You may not have considered Malta, but as you read the rest of this post, things can change. You might fall in love with this place, giving you a good reason to book your ticket now and start exploring this paradise, which may be unheard of for many people.


Breathtaking Natural Beauty


From lush greenery to rock formations, this is a country that is teeming with splendid landscapes. One of the highlights of your visit is seeing the Azure Window in Gozo. This limestone natural arch is truly one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in Malta. Part of its natural beauty are its world-class beaches, offering a wide array of activities not only for sun worshippers, but for everyone. The Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay are some of the best beaches you might want to check out.


azure window

‘Malta – Azure Window – Gozo’ by Tobias Scheck

Rich Culinary Heritage

Malta is not only a feast for the eyes, but a treat for the stomach as well. Regardless of which part of the country you wish to explore, good food will be abundant. Because of its location, you should never leave without trying seafood, such as tuna, salmon, and shellfish. Italian influence is also apparent in their food, so be prepared to taste some tasty gelatos. Their tapas bar should not also be missed.



‘Icecream Cones’ by Michell Zappa


Interesting History


If you are a history buff, you have another good reason to visit Malta. It has a lot of attractions that will allow you to step back in time and explore their rich past. The ancient city of Mdina, for instance, is one that should be in your itinerary. All that you have to do is walk and you will already be able to learn a lot. It is like an open-air museum. Visiting the Tarxien Temples is also an essential to be educated about the country’s history.



‘Mdina’ by Daniel Lombraña González

Incredible Adventures


If you love thrilling experiences, you will have a lot of fun in Malta. One of the most famous activities is diving. Gozo has gained the reputation of being one of the best diving spots in the whole of Europe. Aside from diving, Gozo is also known for its steep cliffs, making it a good place for rock climbing. You can also go snorkelling, ride an ATV, or hike one of its mountains. There are plenty of water sports that you can also try, such as paragliding and wind surfing.


‘P1120555.JPG’ by Nik


Exciting Traditional Life

Even in spite of the modern times, traditional life is still apparent in the Maltese culture. There are many places that you can visit to explore their tradition, and you can stay in a rustic farmhouse or villa like those listed here. One of the best would be in Marsaxlokk, which is a small fishing village. One of the highlights of your visit would be seeing the brightly coloured boats that they still use for fishing. You should also experience their fiestas, which is a celebration of the days of patron saints. During such festive celebrations, people dress in their finest outfits and party until sunrise.

fishing boats marsaxlokk

‘Fishing boats at Marsaxlokk 9’ by Tony Hisgett