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Rock Climbing

The islands of Malta are surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs that provide some great rock climbing opportunities in fantastic scenery. Currently there are over 1200 established routes spread approximately 70% on Malta and 30% on Gozo. There are many more routes out there that are constantly being created by rock climbing enthusiasts. All styles of rock climbing are available including traditional rock climbing, bouldering and deep water soiling. There is also a great range of difficultly levels from beginner to expert. The most popular climbs are Blue Grotto, Victoria Lines and Wied Babu.

One of the great things about rock climbing in Malta is that the crags are often very quiet as there are only about 30 local climbers! Due to Malta’s great year round climate, rock climbing can be enjoyed any time of the year. The small size of the islands (just 316km) also means that if you can get around a lot of areas in a relatively short amount of time.

As Malta has become a more popular destination to rock climb, there are now many operators that organise guided climbing excursions and equipment rental. If you are a beginner then don’t worry as these operators are more than happy to take complete beginners out on a taster session and Malta is a fantastic place to try out rock climbing for the first time!

So if you are a seasoned rock climber, or just fancy trying something new, we definitely recommend Malta as a great rock climbing destination!

Climbing in Malta