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A Guide to the Very Best in Malta Holidays…

Tucked away in the centre of the Mediterranean Malta is a small island with a lot to offer. From stunning ancient ruins to beautiful beaches, quaint cafes to exhilarating activities, it really does have something for everyone. With its neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino, it can play host to a backpacker's travels or a sun soaked relaxing family break perfectly and all that falls in between.

With an eclectic history which has collected influences from a wide variety of areas, Malta has a deep and rich character, with the architecture and cultural nuances to prove it. Arabic and North African touches flow through the local language, Sicilian gastronomic treats are laid on restaurant tables each day and there are even the English post boxes for good measure. This mix brings with it a unique charm and a destination which can keep even the most demanding of holidaymakers happy.

Malta Holidays is here to help guide you around this fantastic island nation and show you the very best it has to offer. From the busy streets of the capital Valletta to the breathtaking dive sites around Gozo, we've got the low down for you. And whole you're getting excited about what to see and do we'll also bring you the best in Malta's accommodation. Budget apartment, luxury villa or 5 star hotels, we've got all the information you'll need.

So get ready to explore the amazing things on offer on a holiday in Malta, you won't be disappointed...

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