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Where is Malta?

Malta is a tiny island (just 316km2 ) situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the southernmost tip of Europe and is located between Sicily and North Africa. Such a location has played a key part in the traditions and history of the island and the country has been a key trading post in the Mediterranean both in modern times and ancient times.  The location of Malta also played a key role during World War II and for this it was awarded the George Cross. Due to its tiny size though, some maps will not even feature Malta! On others it will appear as a tiny dot. However, despite it’s small size, Malta is very densely populated.

Malta is made up of five islands; Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominetto and Filfla. Malta is the biggest and main island and sees the most tourists. Gozo is next and then Comino, which is smaller with just one hotel but lots of day trippers. Cominetto and Filfla are both uninhabited.

Malta’s southern European location give it a great year round climate with hot summers and mild winters. You can find out more on our when to travel pages.

To see exactly where Malta is, have a look at the map below…

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