Malta Holidays

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The Maltese Language

One of the reasons so many people choose to holiday in Malta is the fact that English is the second language and is widely spoken across the island which means visitors should never really experience any problem communicating. However, the Maltese do have their own language and it may be nice to learn a few phrases to impress the locals!

The Maltege language is part of the Semitic language group (languages with origins in the near east) along with Arabic, Hebrew and Amharic. Where Maltese differs from these other semitic languages is that it is written in latin script.

The Maltese alphabet is made up of 29 letters and like English has 5 vowels and 24 consonants, the main difference is in the way these letters are pronounced. We have picked a few phrases below for you to practice before your trip and have included pronunciation to make sure you get it right! Good luck!

Maltese Phrases