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Self Catering

Many people opt for a self catering holiday in Malta because it offers an affordable way to visit this beautiful country on a cheap holiday. Of course, a self catering holiday doesn’t have to be cheap; you can rent a luxurious villa, farmhouse or apartment in Malta and go self catering but still be surrounded by fantastic amenities in beautiful accommodation.

What choosing self catering does offer you is much more flexibility. You can enjoy your meal times when you want, without having to worry what time the hotel stops serving breakfast or whether the restaurant will be fully booked any time after 6! You can enjoy having a lie in, getting up at whatever time you like and grabbing whatever kind of breakfast you like. Likewise you can eat early if you want to go out and explore the surrounding area or spend the day at one of Malta’s incredible beaches all the way up until sunset without having to rush back for your evening meal.

Self catering holiday undoubtedly offer you more flexibility whilst you’re away and allow you to focus on relaxing which is what a holiday is all about! To find some of the best self catering accommodation in Malta browse the apartments, farmhouses and self catering villas here on Malta Holidays and find whatever you’re looking for, from cheap apartments to luxury farmhouses and everything in between!

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