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Top 5 Dive Sites in Malta

Malta is a great place for scuba diving and conditions are some of the best in Europe with a mild climate and calm sea creating excellent visability. Whether you are trying out diving for the first time or you are seasoned pro, you will be spoilt for choice with some great dive sites.

Below we have picked our favourite dive sites.

Fungus Rock

  • Great For: All Levels
  • Average Depth: 30m
  • Maximum Depth: 50m

This dive site  is great for underwater photography due to it’s dramatic underwater scenery. The site features verticle walls, fissures, caverns and gullies. The dive is reached via boat.

Fungus Rock Malta


Rozi Tugboat

  • Great For: All Levels
  • Average Depth: 25m
  • Maximum Depth: 35m

This popular dive features a 40m tugboat that was sunk deliberately in 1992 to form a tourist attraction. As well as the boat there is also plenty of marine life to enjoy.


Blue Hole and Chimney

  • Great For: All Levels
  • Average Depth: 20m
  • Maximum Depth: 45m

This incredible natural rock formation features an underground cave ‘crack cave’; a chimney that extends from 20m to 9m. The rocks around the site make it a sheltered dive. The dive can be reached by a 200m rocky walk.

Blue Hole Malta

Blue Lagoon

  • Great For: All Levels
  • Average Depth: 6m
  • Maximum Depth: 12m

Within a sheltered lagoon this site is very popular for diving and snorkelling. The marine life is great and includes wrasses, cuttlefish and chromis. Seahorses are also frequently spotted. You can reach the site either from the shore or by boat.

Cirkewwa Arch

  • Great For: All Levels
  • Average Depth: 10m
  • Maximum Depth: 36m

This dive site has features a collapsed cavern that has left a fantastic arch. There are also some great underwater walls. There is plenty of marine life to see including tuna, barracuda, jacks, crayfish and sometimes seahorses. The dive can be reached from the shore.

Diving in Malta