Malta Holidays

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Malta’s beautiful fishing boats

Malta Boat

The colourful fishing boats used by Maltese fishermen have become an attraction for visitors to Malta due to their eye catching design! The boats are always brightly painted, the majority in red, yellow and blue. At the prow of the boats, there is always a pair of eyes, one on …

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Top 5 Dive Sites in Malta

Blue Hole Malta

Malta is a great place for scuba diving and conditions are some of the best in Europe with a mild climate and calm sea creating excellent visability. Whether you are trying out diving for the first time or you are seasoned pro, you will be spoilt for choice with some …

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Partying Hard in Malta!

Clubbing Malta

Malta’s clubbing scene is growing from strength to strength and seems to get bigger and better every year. The bustling nightlife runs all year round and a busy club scene attracts world renowned DJ’s like Pete Tong and Bob Sinclair. Most of the nightclubs on the main island are situated …

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Three Delicious Local Foods to try in Malta


If you are lucky enough to visit Malta on a holiday then you will have the opportunity to try some of the wonderful local cuisine. The rich history of the island and the many civilisations that have occupied Malta over the years has resulted in Maltese food being a varied …

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Wine in Malta

Malta Wine

Malta’s Mediterranean climate makes in a perfect place to create ripe and full bodied wine. The production of wine started over two thousand years ago and whilst Malta is not as well known for its wine as its neighbouring Mediterranean islands, Maltese wine is gradually become more popular and has …

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