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Mnajdra Temples

The Mnajdra temples hold a UNESCO World Heritage Site status and are an impressive above the ground temples set in an amazing setting with the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea in the background. From the temples you can even see the small island of Filfla which is an uninhabited island about 8km offshore. The temples are over 5000 years old dating back to between 3600 and 3000 B.C and they have been extremely well preserved. Visitors often state that they are more impressive than Stonehenge!

The Mnajdra temples comprise of three temples that stand side by side. The southern temple holds several significant solar alignments. There are also chambers and alters visible to see. One of the chambers features the Oracle Hole which opens out in to a hidden cubicle. Historians believe that this hidden cubicle was a seating place for an oracle who would pass messages and mantras when ceremonies were taking place.

The visitors centre has audio guides which are available to rent and these guides are definitely worth renting if you want to learn about the site in some depth. The site also features a small museum with lots of interesting information and some interesting interactive displays which children will enjoy.

The museum and visitors centre is fully accessible but the ground around the temples is not very smooth and so the sight itself is not ideal for those who have accessibility problems. The Mnajdra temples are just a five minute walk from the Hagar Qim temples and most people choose to buy a combined ticket and visit both. The site is well served by public transport.

Mnajdra temples in Malta


Malta Mnajdra temples