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Weather in January

January is one of the cooler months in Malta, however it is still much milder then other parts of Europe with average daily temperatures rarely falling below 10ºC(50ºF) in the day and 0ºC (32ºF) at night.

The weather is a combination of cloud and rain but there can be bright sunny days as well. Occasionally there may be some stormy weather and high winds but these usually don’t hang around for too long.

If you are planning a trip to Malta in January then make sure you bring some warm coats and jackets.

January Weather Averages

  • Bright Sunshine Hours: 5.46
  • Daytime Temperature: 15 ºC  (59.00 °F)
  • Sea Temperature: 14.5ºC (58.1 °F)
  • Rainfall: 90.1mm
If you are thinking about a holiday to Malta in January, have a look at our What’s on in Malta in January page to get some ideas on things to do.


Malta January